Percy Harvin underwent a procedure last week


Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told the media on Tuesday that wide receiver Percy Harvin underwent a procedure last week on his hip.

With each passing day it seems to make more and more sense to hold Harvin out until the playoffs.




  1. Elmer says

    Seems worse than anyone is saying so far. Don’t be surprised if he does not appear at all this season.

  2. DanDad says

    Seems worse? He is just fine. It is not structural, according to Harvin and Carroll, just some pain from the healing. This is not unheard of, especially after playing for the first time in over a year. We’ll sit him out maybe another week, then mix him in plenty the last few weeks.
    Trust me when I say Harvin wants it badly, and Carroll is that 10 fold. On top of that, he is a luxury at this point as our current healthy receivers smoke cherry bombs already! RW for MVP. GO SEAHAWKS!

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