Percy Harvin underwent another MRI

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told the media that Percy Harvin underwent another MRI to make sure he hasn’t suffered any setbacks.

“Yeah the doctors have looked at him. We did another MRI to make sure we were seeing everything right,” Carroll said,. ” There were no complications and all of that so we’re just bringing him back.”

The Seahawks have to decided by November 12th whether they’re going to activate Harvin from the PUP list.  Carroll is open to activating him and not activating him on game day’s if he’s not ready to play yet.

“We’ve been quiet on him. He’s not playing Sunday, we’ve been quiet with him, he’s a little sore from last week so we’re just making sure that he’ll be ready to go and we won’t waste our opportunity with him on the practice field.

“If he was on our team and was banged up, we certainly wouldn’t mind keeping him as one of the inactives. If that’s what it winds up a few weeks from now that’s what it is. We’re hoping to get him back. He was fine a week ago and was ready to go it was just the wear and tear of the comeback just got to him a little bit so we just needed to slow him down.”