Patriots will have to make a decision on Rob Gronkowski’s future by 2015

With the injury history of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriots may want to get rid of him at some point down the road.  They actually have until the of the 2015 season to decide whether they’re going to keep him, according to Mike Reiss of

The way it’s structured, the key decision comes at the end of 2015 when there is a $10 million option bonus the team can pick up to activate the final four years of the deal (2016-2019). In that sense, the contract protects the team pretty nicely. I don’t think the deal would handcuff them too badly should things with Gronkowski take an unexpected turn and he’s not able to play any more.

Gronk will have to prove to the Patriots that he can stay healthy throughout the next few years.  If not, I would imagine that head coach Bill Belichick won’t have a problem letting him go to avoid paying him that $10 million bonus.



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    About 2 – 3 seasons ago BOTH Rob and his twin brother DAN were in camp @ Patriots.–Rob made the grade; Dan did not. I say, give Rob’s brother DAN another shot at pro tight end position. Rob isn’t going to make it back from multiple arm surgeries and back surgery etc.
    GO PATS ! ((P.S. W.T.Heck happened in the Wes Welker fiasco??

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