Patriots release Kyle Love after he was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes

According to Mike Reiss of, the New England Patriots decided to release starting defensive tackle Kyle Love after he was recently diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

Love’s agent Richard Kopelman of KLASS Sports told Reiss the following:

“We have been informed by the New England Patriots that Kyle Love will be released NFI (Non-Football Injury/Illness),” Kopelman told “This comes on the heels of Kyle having been diagnosed within the past two weeks with Type 2 diabetes. Naturally, we are disappointed that the Patriots decided to part ways with Kyle, especially in light of the fact that a number of elite, professional athletes with Diabetes – both Type 1, which is known to be far more difficult to manage than Type 2 diabetes – have had very successful careers in professional football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. 
“Prior to the diagnosis, Kyle recently experienced unexplained weight loss, but since being diagnosed and having altered his diet, Kyle has regained most of the weight he lost, is in good health, and was not limited in any way during off-season workouts in which he was engaged up until being told he would be released.

“Having consulted with leading authorities on the effects of Type 2 diabetes, we have every reason to believe that Kyle will, in the immediate future, be at 100 percent, and will be prepared to participate in training camp in a couple of months. As Kyle said, ‘there is no way something like this is going to stand between me and a long and successful NFL career.’”

I’m sure Love and his agent won;t hesitate in filing a grieveance against the Patriots.  I would think they’ll have a case.

Update: Mike Garafolo of USA Today Sports doesn’t believe Love will file a grievance.


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