Patriots owner is ‘rooting’ for Tim Tebow

Robert Kraft

Patriots owner Robert Kraft hopes that quarterback Tim Tebow will make their final roster, but admitted that the decision is up to head coach Bill Belichick.

“I’m rooting for him big time,” Kraft said, via “I’m in his corner, but I have the privilege of letting Bill make those decisions. He has a pretty good record doing it.”

Kraft was asked about Tebow horrible performance a couple of weeks ago.

“Week to week [in the regular season] you’re going to ask the questions, if we don’t perform up to standard, why we didn’t [perform],” Kraft said. “I think you want to make sure we have the best 53 people to help us win games during the year.”

I would be surprised if the Pats keep Tebow.  I don’t see any benefit to it.



  1. paco martinez says

    Yea, I kinda agree with you NOT: The guy should have Hernandez’ spot as full back / tight end. Tim has hands = he can CATCH. Tim has power and moves = he can RUN OVER the likes of Brian Urlacher (Bears two seasons ago) and James Harrison/Troy Palomalu (Steelers, two seasons ago.)
    Watch oh, um Mark “Sackchez” C-R-U-M-P-L-E and cough up the football when he’s tackled.
    THINK about Tim Tebow and a ‘busted play’ he puts his foot in the ground and goes forward and gains +5 yard.

    ANYBODY else outside of running backs have that kind of skills ??
    Let’s hear ’em.

    OK TIM lines up as fullback behind Brady. Fake Tim the hand off.
    Pass the ball.
    Do that a couple of times and then when defense don’t expect it; give Tebow the ball right up the middle.

    Put Tebow in motion to the left.
    Lateral the ball to him.
    He CAN RUN
    but since he “can’t pass” he can TRY to throw the ball down the field . I’m sorry NOBODY likes TIMTEBOW: he’s a church choirboy, a Jesus freak, a virgin,.whatever.

    I hope and pray Bilicheck gives Tebow a spot and a chance; I THINK Tim can surprise people just like he did with the Broncos RUN RUN RUN RUN long pass.

    You guys have the right to your opinion–and frankly his passing has stunk lately and nobody knows why?
    I mentioned it before & I’ll bring it up again.
    Tim needs an MRI on his left (throwing) shoulder. I’ll be dollars to donuts he’s TORN his rotator cuff — I speak from personal experience.
    Good luck this season.

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