Patriots not expected to bring back Brandon Lloyd

According to Field Yates of, the Patriots aren’t expected to bring back free agent wide receiver Brandon Lloyd.

One of the names that many have asked about as a potential addition to the Patriots offense in an attempt to replace Aaron Hernandez is Brandon Lloyd, who was released this March after one season with the team. At the time, our sense was that the decision to cut ties with Lloyd was as much about finances (he was due a $3 million roster bonus) as anything else, although reports also suggested that he wasn’t a good fit within the Patriots locker room. The Patriots, and any NFL team, always want a harmonious locker room, but now would seem to be a time when the Patriots are particularly interested in finding players who fit among the rest of the team. By that token, if Lloyd’s behavior did in fact play a part in the team’s decision to release him previously, we wouldn’t expect a reunion.

The fact of the matter is that Lloyd didn’t do much last season, so the chances are that he wouldn’t contribute much if he was brought back this season.  The Patriots need to hope and pray that the young receivers on their roster will step up.

The good news for the Pats is that it seems like it doesn’t matter who their receivers are as long as they have Tom Brady as their quarterback.



  1. Carl says

    Old Clueless Sport, did you watch the 14th game of the year last year against the 49er’s, a pretty fair team. Brandon caught 10 balls on 16 throws for 190 yards and also caused a (30) yard pass interfence penalty. BTW, 74 catchs for 911 yards is not pedestrain.

    BL was used wrong by Brady most of the season. No wonder he was upset because he knew the Patriots were going to cut him. Brandon took little pay his first year, with most of his compensation coming in the second and third year.

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