Patriots might be getting ready to trade Wes Welker

According to Mike Freeman of, rumors have been flying that the New England Patriots are “phasing out” wide receiver Wes Welker.  The truth though is that they might be instead looking to trade him.

The Patriots aren’t phasing Welker out. They are preparing to trade him.

Several league sources said this is more than some remote possibility. This might actually be a probability and the team is seeing if Edelman could fit into Welker’s shoes should the team trade him.

This is more the Patriots Way than a phasing out. A sort of stashing of Welker — and by trading Welker, they would have total control of his destination city. The Patriots traded Randy Moss, and trading Welker before the Oct. 30 deadline would be very Bill Belichick.

Now is the time for the Patriots to trade Welker with him approaching the backside of his career.  I wouldn’t be shocked if they received a second or third round pick in return for him.  He’s a proven receiver that can catch 100 passes a season.  The only problem is that Welker may not be a good fit in any other offense but the Patriots’.

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