Patriots may not be willing to place the franchise tag on Aqib Talib

A New England Patriots fan asked Mike Reiss of if the Patriots might be willing to place the franchise tag on cornerback Aqib Talib.

It doesn’t sounds like tagging Talib would make sense for the Patriots.

I think the tag would be around $10.6 million for Talib. I think that’s a little rich on the one-year term, but can I have a little more time to think about that? On Seymour, no love lost between him/Pats at time of his trade in 2009. I’d be surprised at a return unless there is a change of heart. On the 3-4, I didn’t make that connection with some of the recent moves. I think it’s more about building a better sub defense, as the Patriots were in sub 57 percent of the time this past season, and just adding more talent to the roster.

The Patriots are going to probably have to make an offer to Talib and let him test the free agent market.


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