Patriots hold a youth football camp in Newtown

The New England Patriots held a youth football camp in Newtown, Connecticut this past weekend to try and help a community that was ravaged by a horrific life changing event.

About 30 current and former Patriots players, coaches and cheerleaders participated in the event, which included football and cheerleading clinics for kids aged 6 to 14, as well as other games and activities.


“As a part of the New England community, I think all of us were devastated when we saw what happened here,” said Patriots owner Robert Kraft, “and if it can happen in the town of Newtown, it could happen in any city or town in America.”

Even Patriots owner Robert Kraft got involved with the kids.

Just moments earlier, Kraft had participated in one of the football drills, playing defensive back and covering one of the youngsters as tight end Rob Gronkowski threw him a pass. The kid tripped over Kraft’s feet, prompting the group of onlookers — and Gronkowski — to playfully call for a pass interference penalty.


Kraft has close ties to Newtown, as his family purchased Rand-Whitney corrugated container company — which has a facility on Edmond Road in Newtown — in 1999.


“We’ve been down here, we’ve learned what the people here are like and we have a great affection and affinity for this town,” Kraft said. “Unfortunately, when this bad event happened, our parking lot was sort of the meeting grounds for everything going on.”

As much as people may not like the Patriots, they’re one of the most well run organizations in the NFL.

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