Patriots have reportedly inquired about Chris Gamble, Derek Cox

According to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, the New England Patriots have inquired about free agent cornerback Chris Gamble and Jags corner Derek Cox.

The Patriots need to upgrade their corners this offseason and are already in the hunt for Sean Smith of the Dolphins, who’ll hit the free agent market this coming week.


  1. ORGBAFFTH says

    I am pleased that something is finally being done to upgrade and shut down what, over the years, has been the bane of the problem of the Pats defense.It has been long in coming. However, another problem has loomed consequent upon the offense having to do more to compensate for a weak secondary in the defense, and that is the obvious problem with Gronkowski who it seem is bent on self destruction. The guy has skills (no doubt) but his off field antics reveal a looming struggle to remain healthy for an entire season from now on. Many may want to deny the obvious. Believe me, it is going to be a problem. What’s left of a once ferocious offense is Brady and Welker. It will therefore be stupid to let Welker go. Being the only ‘GO-To’ for Brady since the forced departure of Moss has proven to be inadequate in difficult 4th and long situations where he once excelled owing primarily to the absence of someone to stretch the defense for him to slot in and make those all important plays. I say, bring Randy Moss back and at the same time launch an effort to grab Tony Gonzalez from his planned retirement. I am sure the two will be willing to join a franchise of the Pats caliber at this point of their careers.

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