Patriots Football Weekly cover says it all (Photo)

patriotsIt’s really funny that the Patriots posted this on Twitter.



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    Apparently, it”s O.K. for a defender to hold Gronkowski & keep him from making a catch—while the OTHER defender makes an int. WTF, Ref goddamn it.??? I heard the excuse for picking up the penalty flag was “the ball wasn’t catchable”. Well, that’s B.S. because the defender was 3 feet from Gronk and HE made the catch.
    These referees should be docked a game check–this is crap. EVERYONE in the stadium SAW the defender with both arms around GRONK giving him a bear hug.
    This really sucks.

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    where is the pick of #61 hugging CJ the same way on the SAME DAMN PLAY? Where is the FINE and suspension for purposely trying to injure a player and succeeding.

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