Patriots could dump Brandon Lloyd

Mike Reiss of recently conducted an online chat with some fans of the New England Patriots and indicated that wide receiver Brandon Lloyd may not be back next season.

I think we’ll see Edelman back, but Lloyd and Welker aren’t locks in my view. A lot will depend on the market/economics. I’m interested to see how they approach it.

Reiss believes Lloyd coming back will depend on if the Patriots believe he’s worth keeping around.

If they keep him, it’s a $4.5m cap charge. Just comes down to if they think he’s worth that, as opposed to cutting him (post June 1 would be $1 million in dead money for 2013 and another $1 million in dead money for 2014, if I have my math right). I think he has value. Just not sure how the coaching staff assesses it as it relates to economics.



  • Anonymous

    Brandon LLoyd has the same talent as Randy Moss. Brady kept overthrowing Lloyd when he was wide open. Lloyd made several unreal catches this past year and he is a legitimate deep threat.