Patriots clearly plan on using Tebow as a running quarterback

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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick made an appearance on WEEI radio in Boston and made it clear that their offense will be different with Tim Tebow at quarterback then it is with either Tom Brady or Ryan Mallett under center.

“The decisions that you make are important there; you don’t want to waste a lot of time on something that doesn’t benefit you,” Belichick said on the “Salk and Holley” show, via

“At the same time, you want to try to be prepared for, and take advantage of, some of the players’ skills that you have. I don’t think it’s uncommon. We’ve had those types of things in our offense before. This is a little bit different, but we’re not trying to reinvent the game or anything. We’re just trying to take advantage of a particular player’s skill, and that’s no different than something we would do with a tight end, or a receiver, or running back who has a skill set that we want to try to take advantage of.”

After watching the Patriots use Tebow as a running quarterback and reading Belichick’s comments below, that’s clearly how they plan on using him if he has to play.

“I think we’re hopefully flexible enough offensively to try to take advantage of whoever we have in the game. Tim is certainly a good runner, so when he’s in there, we’ll probably let him carry the ball a few times,” Belichick said on WEEI.

“Tim has had a lot of experience making those decisions — whether to give the ball to the back or keep it, or pitch it, all those kinds of things. It’s not really like we’re trying to teach him those things. He’s done it a lot. He has to refine the timing and so forth, but it creates just another thing to put pressure on the defense.”

While I don’t expect Tebow to take snaps away from Brady during the regular season, I do believe that the Patriots feel like if they had to use him if Brady and Mallett went down, it would be worth it for them to use him as a spread-option type of quarterback.

At the end of the day, the Pats look at Tebow as the best third string quarterback in the NFL and they’re right.



  1. Anonymous says

    Tebow is like Patton on the Field not Pretty, But Pretty Good. Not a Great passer, but can land some great passes. He is a NFL quarterback in The Books, True. Kill Him on Passing tech., but forget to mention His Jim Brown Model Legs, Eh?

    Leadership too, Jim Brown Never Ran out of Bounds. Bronco Fans Demanded He Start, Why? Orton Hears A Hooo.. Cold Weather City Sport Fans know more about Sports and Their Teams than Any Sport Broadcasters and Band Wagon Jumpers. John Elway was too Jealous over Tebow, so HE lied to The Young Man and Traded Him. No Team has ever built their Team around him. This is what teams do in the NFL, NBA and NHL but did not happen for This CHAMPION. Yeah, I will Drink a Big Cup of Tebow He won He’s Playoff Game and The Next game New England loaded 9 in the Box all Day and Night on Him, Cracked his Ribs and Tebow is still My ” PLAYER”…

    William Thomas “Bill” Romanowski “I don’t care where he ends up, cream rises to the top, and that [Tim Tebow’s] beyond cream. He will rise and he will eventually do the same thing [he did for the Broncos] and probably better”.”
    Lebron James ” supporting Tebow and proclaiming, “Tim Tebow will succeed in the NFL. He’s a hard worker, a student of the game, a natural born leader and most of all a WINNER! It takes time and he’ll be nice.””.

    Brian Dawkins ✔ @BrianDawkins I’ll always respect & appreciate the person, work ethic & teammate @TimTebow was!! #staystrong
    8:16 AM – 15 Nov 2012

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