Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez questioned in a homicide investigation

According to, New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was questioned by police who are investigating a possible homicide 40 miles south of Boston.

A source with knowledge of the investigation said Massachusetts State police spoke to Hernandez on Monday and were interested in possibly searching his home.



Hernandez is not believed to be a murder suspect, according to a source, but a vehicle rented in his name has emerged as a key piece of evidence in the investigation. The Sun Chronicle of Attleboro, Mass., reported on Tuesday that police identified a rented 2013 Chevrolet Suburban with Rhode Island license plates in connection with the possible homicide. According to the paper, the vehicle is registered to Enterprise and investigators were hoping to analyze it for fingerprints. A source said Hernandez’s name is tied to that rental vehicle.


A jogger found the body of a 27-year-old Boston man on Monday in an North Attleboro clearing, less than a mile from Hernandez’s home.


A North Attleboro police car idled in front of Hernandez’s home on Tuesday, parked across the street from two television news vans. Yasmina Serdarevic, a spokesperson for the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office, declined comment on Tuesday afternoon when contacted by


A source close to Hernandez acknowledged a connection between the player and the case, but would not elaborate. Athletes First, Hernandez’s agency, declined comment when contacted by Hernandez has consulted with a lawyer, who did not return a call from

At least Hernandez isn’t a suspect.  At least right now he isn’t. It will be interesting to see how this story turns out.


  1. says

    Hey Mr. Hernandez: YOU have the right to remain silent; DO SO. Do not say a word. If you are questioned, get your lawyer in before speaking.not a word
    MURDER? They need means, motive and opportunity.
    It doesn’t matter if the cops have 9 eyewitnesses = THE PROSECUTOR has to prove his case in court. Don’t give him any ammunition.
    I believe you are an honest man, a Florida Gator / N.E. Pat. why would you throw all that away to do something so so so Simpson-ish?
    Answer: You wouldn’t — you have too much t lose. Hang in there. Get an attorney and USE him. Gold bless you, man. And get your old team mate Tim Tebow to pray with you.

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