Panthers player stomps on the groin of an opposing player (GIF)

originalPanther running back Armond Smith ended up getting tossed from last night’s preseason game after stomping on the groin of Ravens linebacker Albert McClellan.  After the game McClellan did say leg was sore.

“Yeah, he kicked me, he got me,” McClellan said. “I think he thought I was holding him down. Our legs got tangled up. He hopped up and kicked me. I did my best to keep my cool.”

It’s pretty much a “man rule” that you should never try to hurt another mans “area.”




  1. paco martinez says

    Thank God with all the cameras on the field the referees & NFL league authorities can get RID of some of the abuse that happens in football games!!
    It’s not cute; It’s not manly.
    WHY would anybody kick a man in the groin especially since he’s already down on the ground? That was Bull- (Sh*T) -puckey.
    Maybe the NFL (“the League”) needs to start a LIST of dirty players and notify the referees WHO to watch out for before the game even begins.
    That was crap, jack.

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