Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson wants his team sold after he dies

According to Eric Spanberg of the Charlotte Business Journal, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson has requested that his team is sold after he passes away.

A source close to the team tells me that Richardson, 76 years old and four years removed from heart-replacement surgery, has mandated the NFL franchise be sold two years after his death.

The revelation marks the first time details have been disclosed about the Panthers’ fate beyond the life of Richardson, the founding owner. Mark and Jon Richardson, his sons, worked as Panthers executives before Jerry Richardsonforced them out in 2009. Until then, everyone assumed Mark and Jon Richardson would own and operate the team after their father’s death. Since then, Richardson and the Panthers have declined to disclose succession plans.

Richardson has done a good job with building a competitive organization in Charlotte.  It will be interesting to see you acquires the team in the future.


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