Panthers making the names of plays easier for Cam Newton

We’ve all heard those long ridiculous names of plays that quarterback have to recite in the huddles. For quarterback Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers are helping him out by making the names of the plays easier for him to say.

Through Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer, Newton says it’s mostly the same plays, just with shorter names.

wins Right, Key Left, 631 Smash M sounds completely different than Twins Right Tampa. It comes out your mouth faster. You get in the huddle, it’s the same exact play. Everyone knows that. It’s not tricking ourselves. We don’t want to trick ourselves, we want to trick the defense. It’s not saying a whole novel, it’s not saying a riddle either. It’s calling a play, executing it and performing

Newton will be entering his third year in the NFL after being chosen first overall by the Panthers. After breaking records his rookie year, Newton started last year with what many were coining a “sophomore slump”. Newton turned it on towards the end and finished the season with 3,869 yards in the air, 19 touchdowns versus 12 interceptions, and also ran in 8 touchdowns.




    Make the plays EASIER for Cam Newton??? Why, why that’s RACIST,sir!! That’s intimateing that Cams’s not smart enough for the ‘regular’ calls; he gotsta have his own OWN regular calls.
    Cut down on Cam’s carrier.
    Change (simplify) the offensive name calling.
    ANYTHING else we can do for His Highness?
    Maybe, write it on a card and pin it to his jersey like the teachers used to do for us 1st graders!?
    duh duh HUH.
    who’s laughing now

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