Panthers’ Greg Olsen goes on Twitter rant on former players complaining about their health

Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen went on a Twitter rant yesterday on former NFL players complaining about how badly they’re beat up from the game of football.

Olsen says he’s open to his son playing football.

I wonder if Olsen will feel this way in 20 years.  I understand where he’s coming from, but he can’t relate to what some former NFL players are going through right now.



  • Anonymous

    im quite sure each player that walks out on tht feild knows what’s at stake because there where others who walked out on the same field.. i dont see how they feel like the nfl should hve to b responcible for the health… thatz like me taking a job wrestling aligators, have my finger bitten of then 10yrs after i quit i’ve spent every dime i made now i feel like the company should b responcible for taking care of me. these plays need to take responciblities for their own choices and not try to hold sumbody else accountable… i love the sport but honestly there is no 100% safe way to play it..