Pacman Jones: Things in Dallas can be “fairy tale”

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones told the media today that from his experience while playing for the Dallas Cowboys, they live in a fairy tale and aren’t honest about things.

When asked if this game is more personal than others, Jones said: “I won’t stay personal, strictly business. The way I left Dallas was a business decision. It wasn’t a personal decision. I’ll do whatever I can do to win this game. I mean whatever. I truly want to walk away with a W at the end of the game. Guys know how bad we want them. Zim, Coach Lewis. We’ve got two losses we don’t want.

“I want the game more because we need it. I don’t want Dallas to win any game. I’m not a Dallas fan. I’m not cheering for no one. That’s just how it is.”

Added Jones later: “In Dallas a lot of (stuff) is fairy tale I should say. It’s not real life. They don’t tell you how it really is.”

I can see that when a team is called “America’s Team,” and is over-hyped year in and year out, it’s easy for things to get a little phony.


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