Packers reportedly trying to pay Sam Shields less than $6 million per year

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Green Bay Packers are trying to pay cornerback Sam Shield less than $6 million per season.

This is obviously why Shields will hit the open market.  He wants to see what other teams are willing to pay him.



  1. Sum Ding Wong says

    This year will be the defining year that players all over the NFL will say no thanks to GB knowing Ted T will low ball your or let you go sometime in the future to save a buck. Jenkins, Wells, Bishow, et al left because Ted didn’t want to pay them. One reason free agents don’t take GB serious when released. They expect nothing from Ted and the players are seeing it too.

  2. says

    You’re absolutely correct about that, been saying it for years. Bishop was hurt so Ted didn’t “Let him go”. Jennings was greedy and Wells wasn’t worth it. But if TT pays Jenkins $5 million and he replaces Collins with a better option than Peparah, the Packers win their second SB in a row. I think if he loses Raji, Shields, Neal, and Jennings last year he’ll have a reputation of being a tightwad, well a bigger one that he already has. If he doesn’t use his cap space to improve this defense he should be fired after this year without question. There’s just no excuse this year not to be active. I’ll believe it when I see it but I still believe he’ll be active in FA, he just has to be. Otherwise players will just leave and play for a team that explores all avenues to improve.

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