Packers OL Josh Sitton says Pete Carroll and Golden Tate are full of crap

Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Josh Sitton is more upset with Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and wide receiver Golden Tate, than the replacement officials.

Sitton appeared on the Jim Rome Show, via Deadspin.

“Calling it a good call, and Golden Tate saying he caught it and there was no push in the back, I mean, be a man. […] Admit that it was a bullcrap call, stand up and have some integrity. How are you going to face your frickin’ team when they know it’s bullcrap. I think Golden Tate and Pete Carroll are completely full of crap,” said Sitton.

I agree with Sitton.  While the Seahawks should be happy they won, they need to realize that they were fortunate.


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