Packers not expected to tag Greg Jennings

According to, the Green Bay Packers aren’t expected to place their franchise tag on wide receiver Greg Jennings.

The only player the Green Bay Packers would consider tagging among their five unrestricted free agents is receiver Greg Jennings. It would cost the Packers in the neighborhood of $10 million to tag Jennings and keep him under contract through the 2013 season.

Coincidentally, that’s roughly the amount of money the Packers saved on their salary cap by releasing Charles Woodson on Friday.

But don’t expect the Packers to make a move on Jennings. Indications are the Packers will spend their money in other places, namely to extend the contracts of one or more of the following players: Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji.

This isn’t a surprise at all.  No one’s expected the Packers to even try and retain Jennings.  They have plenty of receivers that can get the job done.  They proved that this past season when Jennings missed numerous games due to injury.