Packers make it clear they’re fine with not having their own cheerleaders

The Green Bay Packers are one of a few NFL teams that doesn’t have their own cheerleaders and they plan on keeping it that way.

The Packers actually use about 15 to 20 cheerleaders from St. Norbert College and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, which aren’t very far away.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel“Most of us feel the college cheerleaders fit with the image we want to project,” Packers President Mark Murphy said Friday via the . “It’s wholesome. I hear mostly good things about our cheerleaders from fans. I think they find it kind of quaint, to be honest.”

Unlike other NFL teams that have cheerleaders,  the Packers outfit the women with more modest attire, rather then having them parade around like strippers.

It really sickens me to see cheerleaders from other teams dressed like they just came from the local strip club.

If you want to have cheerleaders,  then have them set a good example for our younger generation.



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