Packers have a tough decision to make on Evan Dietrich-Smith, Sam Shields

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Green Bay Packers have a tough decision to make regarding the future of cornerback Sam Shields and center  Evan Dietrich-Smith.  They need to decide whether they’re going to use the top or middle tender on each player.

The highest tender sets compensation at a first-round pick, the middle tender sets it at a second-round pick and the low tender sets it at the round in which the player was drafted. In any of the three cases, the original team has the right to match any offer made to its restricted free agent.

The difficult part for general manager Ted Thompson is that both Shields and Dietrich-Smith were not drafted, so if the low tender is placed on them, there would be no compensation awarded if the Packers didn’t match the offer.

The 25 year-old Shields has been a solid player for the Packers and has come up with some big plays during his career so far.  They would be smart to do what it takes to retain him.

Dietrich-Smith started six games this past season and the Packers must decide if he can help their offensive line going forward after they struggled to protect quarterback Aaron Rodgers this past season.