Packers, Eagles were reportedly interested in drafting Russell Wilson in 2012

russell wilson 4

According to Albert Breer and Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network, the Packers and Eagles wanted to quarterback Russell Wilson last year.

NFL Network analyst and former scout for the Eagles, Daniel Jeremiah, revealed on “Inside Training Camp” Tuesday that Philadelphia was all set to draft Wilson at No. 88 overall, only to watch the Seahawks steal the quarterback out from under their them. “Andy Reid loved (Wilson),” Jeremiah explained.

The Jets also apparently wanted to draft Wilson.

Philadelphia wasn’t the only team nosing around Wilson, either. Then New York Jets senior personnel executive Terry Bradway was so high on Wilson that he earned the moniker “Russell Bradway” inside the building. John Dorsey, the new general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, who was with the Green Bay Packers at the time, said that Wilson’s interview in 2012 was the best he had seen in 25 years.

Everything has clearly worked out for Wilson since being drafted by the Seahawks.  If he had gone to Green Bay there would be no way he would be starting by now.

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