Packers CEO on the Redskins: “It’s a name that’s very derogatory to a lot of people”

mark murphy

Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy was on WSSP-AM on Tuesday and he talked about the Redskins name.

“The owner, Dan Snyder, has come out very strong that he will never change the name.  But I am sensitive.  It’s a name that’s very derogatory to a lot of people,” said Murphy, via OCNNReport.

Murphy continued.

“When I was the athletic director at Colgate, their nickname was the Red Raiders,” Murphy told WSSP.  “At some point in time, there was an Indian mascot.  That went away.  They kept the Red Raiders name.  We studied it long and hard, got a lot of complaints, particularly from faculty on campus.  But eventually changed it to just Raiders.”

I would love to hear what Redskins owner Dan Snyder thinks about Murphy’s comments.


  • JIM


  • Daniel Stillmunks

    You poor man! When God said he was passing out BRAINS, you thought he said “Trains” and sneaked off for a beer!!

    WHAT IF a bunch of ‘looney tunes’ folks decided that PACKERS is an offensive name?
    Would you change your name and EVERYTHING that goes with it.?
    Change your stadium name, your programs, your uniforms, your souvenirs, your pennants, your web page your championship trophy and each and every championship RINGS??

    HUH? Would YOU go thru all that bother and expense because a group of fanatics think PACKERS is offensive??
    After all , Packers stands for the folks who shoved all those slaves into the bow of the sail boat bringing the slaves to this country. Very disrespectful. And racist. You slime, how dare you have a racist, disrespectful name like the PACK – ERS.

    What’s that I hear?? Oh, it’s your PSYCHIATRIST calling apparently you missed your last two appointments.
    Were you out having a beer with JetsQB Mark “Sackchez: :”Buttfumble” Sanchez??

    Sorry if that OFFENDS you.

    Before I go I want you to know, I am putting my right hand over my head and spreading out two fingers–you know like “feathers”.
    And with my left hand I’m covering my mouth and moving the hand to and away from my mouth & making that “wo wo wo wo; wo wo wo wo!” Injun noise–we all played that in elementary school.

    Don’t like it? Tough.
    Did you go to school at all and see everybody making fun of everybody else; their last name is funny, braces = metal mouth, thick glasses = ass-eyes. doofus, clumbsey-ass, crybaby, fuzzznuts,
    NOBODY was safe from the harassment of their peers.
    Its carried on in real time by clowns who have nothing better to do than to find fault with stuff: Redskins OH I’m offended.
    OK don’t watch the Redskins–but don’t tell ME I have to believe what you believe.
    time for some beer burp

  • Anonymous

    Tell him to go Duck him self Oh that might offend ducks

  • Jay

    Mark Murphy obviously still has an axe to grind with the Redskins. Does he still feel wronged by them for releasing him after the ’83 season? Does he still think it was due to his union activity, not his productivity? Give your Redskins Superbowl ring back if its so offensive Mark!