Packers believe Jermichael Finley is “dialed in” heading into this season

jermichael finley

Green Bay Packers tight ends coach Jerry Fontenot believes Jermichael Finley is entering this season on much more positive note than he did last year.

“He seems like he’s really dialed in. as far as expectations go, I didn’t set any expectations last year, we just wanted to continue to improve each and every week, and that’s the same mentality we’re taking this year – let’s get better, let’s find a starting point and let’s get better each and every week. We’re capable of doing great things,” Fontenot said, via “I think we definitely had a year to grow off of last year and the way we finished off the year, I’m happy with where we’re starting. But again, we have a long ways to go.”

There’s no doubt that Finley is a very talented player.  If he can stay focused this season and pick up right where he left off in 2012, he’ll be in for a big year.

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