Packers’ Alex Green says he was never healthy in 2012

Green Bay Packers running back Alex Green thought it was a good idea for them to beef up the running back position in this year’s draft.

“Last year, I didn’t do anything too good in the running game, so I think it was a great thing for us to get back out there, make a step in the draft and help the team win football games,” said Green, per the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

He admits he was never 100 percent healthy in 2012, after tearing his ACL the year before.

“No, I wasn’t, I wasn’t,” Green said. “I came back, I got close to it, but once I got close, then I had a couple setbacks. I was never really quite where I wanted to be, but I made great strides in the off-season. I’m definitely getting ready for this year.”

Green didn’t carry the ball at the end of the season because he simply couldn’t.

“I just couldn’t handle it anymore,” Green said. “It got to the point where it was getting worse and worse. We just had to cut back and let it heal a little bit more.”

Green expects to be 100 percent healthy this season.

“I always knew that next year (2013) was going to be the strongest year,” Green said, “so I’m looking forward to getting back stronger. . . Injuries are always a frustrating thing, especially not being able to get fully healthy throughout the whole season was definitely not something I was expecting. But like I said, I have to look past that and keep working and get better for next year.”


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