Oregon agrees they committed major NCAA violations under Chip Kelly

According to OregonLive.com, the University of Oregon has admitted that they committed major NCAA violations under former football head coach Chip Kelly.

The University of Oregon has agreed that its football coaches committed at least one major violation related to the NCAA’s ongoing investigation into the Ducks’ recruiting practices from 2008 to 2011. As a result, the university has proposed to self-impose a two-year probation for the football program and a reduction of one scholarship for each of the next three seasons.

Oregon and the NCAA, however, reached an impasse late in 2012 while attempting to agree on the severity of one violation concerning the Ducks’ $25,000 payment to Texas-based talent scout Willie Lyles. The Ducks believe the impermissible “oral reports” delivered from Lyles constitute a secondary violation; NCAA enforcement officials believe them to be another “major violation.”

The next step for the Ducks is to appear before the NCAA’s committee on infractions sometime this year; the committee will have the final ruling on the recruiting violations and penalties.

Oregon issued a statement on Monday night.

“The review is ongoing until the NCAA Committee on Infractions issues its final report,” the statement read. “The integrity of the process and our continued full cooperation with the NCAA prohibits us from publicly discussing the specifics of this matter.”

The majority of the violations occurred when Kelly was running things.  Of course Kelly left and is now the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  It looks like he took the same route as former USC head coach Pete Carroll and bolted for the NFL before the NCAA could punish him.





  1. bob jones says

    Seems like they’ve done their best to cover up their violations, one scholarship a year, for three years is a very minimal penalty, although we have seen that the NCAA cannot be trusted to conduct a competent and unbiased investigation either. Their bungled investigations on Auburn, USC, Penn St, Ohio St and Miami[Fla], don’t inspire much confidence in their governing ability.

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