Oneida Nations calls for the NFL to discipline Dan Snyder for using Redskins name

redskinsIt really doesn’t matter what kind of public relation moves Redskins owner Dan Snyder tries to make, the controversy over the name of his franchise will not be going away.

In light of the NBA’s disciplinary actions towards Clippers owner Donald Sterling,  the Oneida Nation is asking the NFL to discipline Snyder.

While I don’t believe Snyder should be fined or banned from the NFL,  I do believe the league needs to make him change the name of his franchise.

  • John Kruger

    Oneida Nation Can Kiss My Navajo AZZ…….U TOO RAY DIPSTICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Brown

    I keep calling for bloggers to discipline Ray Halbritter. They ignore me as much as Redskins fans ignore bloggers and Halbritter.