Odin Lloyd’s family is suing Aaron Hernandez

aaron hernandez

According to the Associated Press,  Odin Lloyd’s family is now suing former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez for allegedly murdering their family member.

The Fall River Herald-News reports the wrongful death lawsuit was filed this week in county court in New Bedford.

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder in the June shooting death of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-professional football player.

The court filing says unspecified damages probably exceed the value of Hernandez’s $1.25 million home and seeks a real estate attachment up to $5 million.

The family also seeks a court order to keep the Patriots from paying Hernandez more than $3 million it believes he’s owed from his contract.

The family’s attorney declined to comment. A message was left with a law firm that has represented Hernandez.

I’m sure this case won’t be able to go anywhere until Hernandez’s trial ends and there’s a ruling on whether he’s guilty or not.  If it turns out that Hernandez is guilty,  the Lloyd family will likely get a load of money from Hernandez.