O.J. Simpson allegedly trying to kill himself in prison

According to Radar Online via Black Sports Online,  former NFL star O.J. Simpson is trying to commit suicide in jail by starving himself, since he realizes he probably going to die in prison anyway.

“He just won’t eat, and you can tell by his voice that he just wants to die. That’s exactly what is going to happen to him unless some good news drops out of the sky to cheer him up and give him a reason to live; however, that doesn’t seem likely.”

The insider claims that Simpson griped to a friend, “They ain’t ever going to let me out of here: I’m not going to eat, and I won’t let docs at the prison revive me in any way. I will fight it. I used to live my way, and now, I’m going to die my way!”

At least Simpson didn’t have to goto jail after allegedly murdering his wife.  He probably would have killed himself a long time ago.  This is truly a sad story.

  • Killer

    This is a sad story? That funny after reading this I feel happy.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you…


    If he is trying to kill himself then LET him! That would guarantee a trip straight to Hell where he belongs! Sad story? I think not!!!