Nothing imminent between the Steelers and Louis Delmas

According to Scott Brown of,  nothing is imminent between the Steelers and free agent safety Louis Delmas after meeting this past week.

 It’s still too early to tell how much mutual interest there is between Louis Delmas and the Steelers, and a lot will depend on how he checked out physically during his visit to Pittsburgh. If the Steelers are looking to sign an outside free agent with the hopes that player can start free safety is the most logical position for that to happen. I like Delmas a lot and he is only 26 but knee problems precluded him from practicing much during the regular season in 2013. While he played every game last season his knees are a bit of a red flag. My guess is that the Steelers let the market set Delmas’ price and then decide if they want to make a serious run at signing him. I don’t see anything imminent happening here though the Steelers obviously have an interest in Delmas if they brought the fifth-year veteran in for a visit so soon after Detroit released him.

The Steelers typically don’t rush things and end up overpaying for a free agent.  So I wouldn’t hold my breathe waiting for them to sign Delmas.