Nick Collins says he’s ready, waiting for a team to call

Former Packers safety Nick Collins tweeted the other day that he’s ready to play football again after suffering a career ending neck injury just a couple of years ago.

Collins told ESPN Milwaukee that he’s ready to go and waiting for a team to come calling.

“The only doctor that was really unsure was Dr. McKenzie. He wasn’t quite sold on the idea of me playing for the Packers anymore,” Collins said. “That’s not saying that I wasn’t cleared to go nowhere else. I was cleared to go somewhere else. He just wasn’t 100 percent sold on the idea.

“I’ve been trying to get that opportunity for two years now and no one seems to want to take that chance. But I’m ready if anybody is willing. I guess it’s all about just getting the teams to understand the [idea] of me coming back. They can bring me in, they can get their own doctors to look at me, they can do their own evaluation and we can go from there. If they say we can roll with it, I’ll take that chance.”


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    Sadly when the spine is fused at the C3 and C4 area, no team would dare take on that liability. Imagine, worst case, that Collins took a hit and it paralyzed him or worse. How big would that lawsuit be?

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