NFLPA President: “F***” anyone who criticizes the current CBA

Outgoing NFLPA President Dominique Foxworth had some parting shots for anyone who wants to criticize the current collective bargaining agreement.

“The people who want to snipe and challenge from the outside — (expletive) them,” Domonique Foxworth told USA TODAY Sports. “That’s genuinely how I feel. I’ll stand and debate the merits of this deal with anybody.”

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith a CBA is not only about a strong salary cap.

“When we saw the growth in the cap, were we happy for our players? Yes,”  Smith said. “But we didn’t structure a salary-cap deal. We structured a collective bargaining agreement that addresses wages, benefits and working conditions.”

It included minimum cash spending limits, which kicked in on a team-by-team basis over a four-year rolling average of 89% last year. Teams such as the Oakland Raiders, whose spending was low in 2013 as they cleaned up their salary cap, must make up for it or pay a penalty later.

That may help explain why the second wave of free agency seemed to come more quickly — and more expensively for owners — than a year ago, when the cap rose less than 2% to $123 million and criticism intensified of players’ take from the NFL’s record revenues.

While things were tough for the first few years with the flat salary cap,  this offseason has been a breathe of fresh air for the NFLPA.



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