NFL writer rips Colin Kaepernick for wearing his hat backwards

colin kaepernick
Photo via Larry Brown Sports

Buffalo Bills writer Sal Maiorana of the Democrat and Chronicle ripped 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for wearing his hat backwards after today’s win over the Panthers.

This is just ignorant.  I can’t believe someone is really upset that an NFL player is wearing their hat backwards.  As if they work at an office building.  They sweat and bleed for 60 minutes on a field.  They’re not doing anyones taxes.  Give me a break.




  1. arnoldbraun says

    you must be kidding—–I have followed football for65yrs—-
    tell him to volunteer at a cancer hospital

  2. says

    kaepernick already told us, when the tattoos issue surfaced, not to worry about his appearance, just watch his accomplishments on the field. it’s true, the W’s keep on coming. unless his employer demands a certain standard of dress, he’s got a right to his own look, (and be damned whether we like it).

    personally, i do wish the 49ers would require some respect, via a standard of dress, for their brand/organization, it’s respected public image and history, by it’s players…but i guess they don’t think that’s a necessary part to upholding the 49ers standard of success.

  3. Anonymous says

    sounds like someone is butt-hurt the bills didnt make the play-offs so now they have to shoot off at the mouth about the one’s that did….sad thing is..he can probably do your job better then you…cause pal…your horrible at it

  4. Anonymous says

    If you dont like the way someone dresses…look the other damn way…did he personally ask you to look at him??

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