NFL will consider getting rid of the Pro Bowl

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning that after the way last Sunday’s Pro Bowl was played, he will consider eliminating it.

I think all fans would agree that getting rid of the Pro Bowl would be a good decision.  I’m alo sure many players wouldn’t oppose the idea either, since it’s just another game where they can possibly suffer a serious injury.

According to, next year’s Pro Bowl will likely be played in New Orleans and since the game does draw good TV ratings, it may not be eliminated any time soon.

  • Truckstop

    No loss at this point, if they do. It’s been on a downturn for a long time. They did away with the All-Star game, College vs Pro, and I don’t think anyone missed it. Have a Pro-Bowl line up at the end of the season. Give the winners two tickets to Hawaii for a week as a reward.

  • Sportmentary

    Get rid of the game. The play is horrid and it’s a waste of time. It’s the worst All Star game in professional sports.

  • vinnie

    The pro-bowl allows the fans to pick their favorites an vote for them, to take that away from the young fans would be dispictable.
    The pro-bowl should be played one week after the superbowl not before , because some of those picked do not dare play before the Super because of the high chance of injuries. Keep it for the fans after the superbowl they will be the happiest kids on the block.

    • smokinmoose

      Despicable? Really? You think eliminating a meaningless game would be despicable! Wow! That is so far out there that that is all I can really think of to say!

      (Oh, and I know you wrote “dispictable” but the word is “despicable”)

    • jerry b

      That’s nonsense. The players will never play a game after the Super Bowl (really….do you think their teams would allow them to possibly get hurt and do you think with their salaries they would actually play a game for $25,000)? If the game remains it will always be played like the lasdt one – like touch football.

      Just give them an award, 2 tickets to Hawaii, and have a short TV show where the awards are handed out

  • Splinterddt

    Instead of getting rid of the game all together, let’s move it to the week after the Super Bowl like it used to be.

  • BWG

    I don’t think getting rid of the Pro-Bowl would be the right thing to do. I believe the fans want to see their favorite players on the field for this game. That is why we vote for our favorite players right? For this reason I think it should be played the week after the Super Bowl just like it used to be. I think more people would watch it if the players they vote for from all of the teams would be able to play in the Pro-Bowl. The way things are now fans don’t get to see all of their favorite players on the field, because some of those players who are picked do not play before the Super Bowl because of the risk of injuries.

  • Mel Eddy

    The players were only dancing around, and they were lousy dancers! If you want to reward them for their great play during the season, go for it, but please don’t put this game on television. It sucked! I would rather watch Dancing with the stars.

  • Wade Hodges

    I don’t see how any one would get hurt in this game. The players did not “go all out” in this game and seemed to enjoy it. Most were smiling all of the time. Many fans “want blood”. I am not in that group. I hope they don’t cancel it.

  • Jonathan

    Keep the Pro Bowl, but put stakes up. Like the All-Star game in MLB, the winning side has home field advantage! And why not have the Super Bowl at the winning divisions home field…

    • smokinmoose

      That’s all we need, another meaningless game “meaning” something”. That whole thing with the Baseball All-Star game determining home field advantage in the World Series is such a huge crock. Because some cry babies were upset that a game ended in a tie we have that bull. Here’s an idea–give home field advantage to the first seed in baseball. While we’re at it, put the DH in both leagues or eliminate it. And how about this–every other year play the Super Bowl at an open stadium. I suppose the rich elite that go to the game wouldn’t like that. If it’s up north they might get their tushies cold.

  • Roboshow

    I was at the game and it was lousy, but I don’t blame the players, why would you risk getting hurt in this game. Non-guaranteed contracts and free agents and you want them to go hard, I wouldn’t. Just cancel the thing.

  • bewslayer

    i haven’t watched it in years. what i do think they should do is some sort of skills competition. but some fun stuff kicked in too. like eating contests for the lineman. bench pressing competitions. fastest runner. catching the most balls in 20 seconds. highest vertical. longest throw, fastest throw, hardest throw (PSI). there are so many things they could do to have some fun. NHL tried to allow the players creativity while keeping some of them real like the hardest shot and fastest skater. NBA has the gauntlet with the dunk contest. baseball has…lol well just the homerun derby which everyone loves. no one cares about the all-star games