NFL Week 7 Predictions

Seahawks vs. Cardinals:

Carson Palmer will make a couple of mistakes, making the Seahawks offense’s job easy.

Prediction – Seahawks 27-13

Buccaneers vs. Falcons:

The Buccaneers find a different way to lose week after week. This game could be a very ugly watch.

Prediction – Falcons 13-9

Bengals vs. Lions:

The Lions’ secondary had trouble with Brandon Weeden and Josh Gordon. A.J. Green and Andy Dalton should tear the Lions secondary apart.

Prediction – Bengals 24-20

Bills vs. Dolphins:

You will be in for a very defensive game. These teams have equally good defenses, but Miami has the edge on offense.

Prediction – Dolphins 17-13

Patriots vs. Jets:

Geno Smith has been a turnover machine. I can’t imagine that changing against New England. The Jets defense will limit the Patriots, but it won’t be enough.

Prediction – Patriots 21-13

Cowboys vs. Eagles:

This will be an offensive shootout. At the end, Tony Romo will put together a drive to win the game.

Prediction – Cowboys 34-31

Bears vs. Redskins:

The Bears are on upset alert. RG3 is gaining steam; this might be the game he puts Washington on his back and wins. But the defensive woes of the Redskins seem too big to overcome.

Prediction – Bears 28-20

Rams vs. Panthers:

I think we’re going to see Cam Newton play very well, again this week.

Prediction – Panthers 24-10

Chargers vs. Jaguars:

Phillip Rivers is playing like a top five quarterback; that should not change versus Jacksonville.

Prediction – Chargers 30-13

49ers vs. Titans:

With Jake Locker expected to play, the 49ers are on upset alert. The Titans secondary has been fantastic, while Colin Kaepernick has been mediocre. I’ll stick to my guns and pick the Niners, but a Titans win will not be a surprise.

Prediction – 49ers 20-18

Browns vs. Packers:

The Packers have injury problems at wide receiver, so the Browns’ chances of winning have increased. Ultimately, the Packers should adjust and win this game.

Prediction – Packers 20-16

Texans vs. Chiefs:

Kansas City’s defense will be too much for Houston. But man, the Chiefs may be one of the worst 6-0, possibly 7-0 teams of all time.

Prediction – Chiefs 13-9

Ravens vs. Steelers:

The Ravens aren’t producing in the run game. Unless Ray Rice decides to wake up, I can’t bet against the Steelers. I also like Ben Roethlisberger against the Ravens’ secondary, very much.

Prediction – Steelers 24-13

Broncos vs. Colts:

The predecessor vs. the successor. Manning and the Broncos should prove to be no match for Luck and the Colts.

Prediction – Broncos 35-23

Vikings vs. Giants:

The Giants have to win one game, right? As long as the Giants don’t turn the football over, they should be victorious.

Prediction – Giants 31-18

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