NFL Week 4 Round-Up

Peyton Manning is incredible:

The Broncos have surrounded Peyton Manning with the most talent he has ever had in his entire career. And look at how Peyton has performed. He is on pace to have the greatest regular season a quarterback has ever accomplished. If Peyton keeps going at his current pace, he will finish 2013 with 5,880 yards passing, 64 touchdowns and 0 picks. It’s highly unlikely that he can keep playing at this level, but every week, he makes it look so effortlessly.

Christian Ponder may not get his job back:

Let me put this out here first: Ponder and Cassel are on the same skill-level. Do you know what Matt Cassel did that Christian Ponder could not? Cassel played smartly; he didn’t turn the football over. Cassel nor Ponder are great quarterbacks — neither one of them are even average QBs. Cassel played conservatively, and he let the Vikings’ playmakers do their thing. Ponder, on the other hand, has made too many stupid mistakes.

After seeing what Matt Cassel did, Christian Ponder will have to prove he can be a starter, again.

Reggie Bush is lethal in the Lions offense:

The Lions finally have an explosive player in their offense that isn’t named Calvin Johnson. With Reggie Bush, this team is a huge offensive juggernaut. The Bears didn’t have an answer for Bush, this past Sunday. The Lions’ scheme fits Bush so well.

The AFC North and NFC East are a joke:

The 0-4 Steelers and Giants are not out of their division title races. And it has nothing do with either team’s respective talent. The AFC North and NFC East are really that bad. The AFC North has three teams sitting at 2-2, while the NFC East leader is Dallas, followed by two 1-3 teams. Not one of these eight teams look like Super Bowl contenders. 9-7 could very well be the record to shoot for those teams; that’s all it could possibly take to win either the AFC North or NFC East.

I want to see the Broncos meet the Seahawks in the Super Bowl:

We’re only a quarter of the way through the regular season, but it’s looking like a Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl would be the absolute best match-up. The unstoppable force (Denver Broncos) meets the (Seattle Seahawks) immovable object. Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense do not seem stoppable. The Seahawks defense, especially their pass defense, has shut teams down. I want to see Peyton Manning and his great group of receivers face-off with the best pass defense in the NFL. That is guaranteed fun.

Titans’ Alterraun Verner is the best cornerback in the league through 4 weeks:

Some of you are probably saying, “Who?” Yes, Alterraun Verner. Don’t forget that name. Verner was named the AFC defensive player of the week for Week 4. He has recorded 4 interceptions, tying the lead league with two other players. Verner has only allowed 34% of the passes thrown his way be completed, thus far this season. Verner has only allowed 8 passes thrown his way be completed. There is only one other player in the league to have been thrown at 20 or more times that has allowed less receptions.

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