NFL scouts reportedly teeing off on Johnny Manziel

johnny manziel

According to Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report,  NFL scouts have been blasting Texas A&m quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Manziel certainly didn’t help himself with his on the field antics this past weekend against Rice.


  • Fred

    NFL Scouts can go to hell! The guy is playing college football for Christ’s sake…The friends and memories that he makes during this time will sustain him for the rest of is life! These guys are pitiful as Jealousy apparently rules with them….Johnny Football has F*** You Money already and does not need to play pro football to have a great lifestyle and take care of his future family….All he needs is to get his degree and win a National Championship for his alma mater and the rest will be legendary….No one will remember any of the NFL scouts!!

  • Chance

    Fred you must be as big a dumbass as the father that raised this idiot boy, just another privliged athlete that thinks there are no consequences for his behavior I can do what i want I’m Johnny football, thats the same kind of thought process that got Aaron Hernandez where he is, just another spoiled athlete who has everything his way because he happens to be good at throwing the football, just maybe some DE will line him up this year & smash him back to reality or put a end to his little side show antics !!

    • wallstreetfred

      Chance, My Boy…You have totally missed the point! We are talking about the pro scouts and the NFL…Who says that he wants to go pro? This was not about him being a spoiled athlete, and it is obvious that you never played a down of college football! If you did you, you are still picking splinters out of you ass….

  • cactusjoey

    its apparent every one of these people,were never a 18-24 years old!he goes out just like any one else and they try to catch him doing something he doesn’t do.

  • secrules

    The point here is his behavior it makes the coaching staff look as if they are not in control of the team .The coaching staff has a whole team to coach they shouldn’t have to take extra time or make a special effort to put Johnny in his place in the middle of a game it disrupts the flow of the game the team and the coaching staff. And if it keeps happening it will cost not just Johnny but the whole team in the near future.He is supposed to be a leader an example just imagine what it will look like if the whole team starts acting like Johnny(that would mean at least 30 or 40 unsportsman like peanalties in each game .Hows that going to go over???