NFL Scout: Teddy Bridgewater could be this year’s Geno Smith

teddy bridgewaterAn NFL scout told The Bay Cave that he could see former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater falling in this year’s draft the way Geno Smith did last year due to concerns over his body make up.

“Bridgewater possesses great skills. He makes good decisions, doesn’t force his throws, and has great range of motion. His mindset is also one of the best coming out in this class. But what is the growing concern around the league is the make up of his body. Several have stated that it may be hard for Bridgewater to add muscle, primarily to his lower body, after talking to his school’s trainers. The concern has grown over the past few months and after his pro day. I can see him be this year’s [New York Jets quarterback] Geno Smith where he falls in the draft. However, he has the potential to come out as the best quarterback in this draft based on his talent and his tools.”



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