NFL releases Saints bounty evidence

Earlier today the NFL met with Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, defensive end Will Smith, Browns linebacker Scott Fujita,  and Packers defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove to discuss the their involvement in the bounty scandal.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s meeting with the player’s briefly was cut short once he decided to regroup and come back together at a later time.  All four players are upset that Goodell is also conducting the hearing for their appeals.

It looks like the NFL got annoyed with hearing Vilma and company continuously deny the fact that there was a bounty program.  They ended up meeting with numerous NFL reporters on Monday afternoon and went through each piece of evidence with them.

Here is a list of some of the information they went over.  As we get more information we will update the list.

  • The first chunk of evidence that the NFL acquired came from the Saints own computer system (they’re really smart).
  • Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was the NFL’s biggest source of information.  The league does have numerous other sources.
  • Saints owner Tom Benson was cooperative.  He granted the NFL permission to look at their computer system.
  • Saints assistant coach/linebackers coach Joe Vitt contributed $5,000 to a $35,000 bounty on Brett Favre.
  • Williams told NFL investigators that he was “rolling the dice with player safety and someone could have been maimed.”
  • Saints allegdly targeted both quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and running back Marshawn Lynch.
  • There was evidence from a ledger that Saints safety Roman Harper was due $1,000 for knocking former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs out of a game.
  • A cash box that held the bounty earnings was kept n Williams’ office.
  • Two-time felon Mike Orstein, was one of the sources the NFL used. They had warned the Saints about having him around their team facility.
  • Both Williams and Vitt admitted to investigators that they had a pay-to-injure system.  Vitt now denies this.
  • Vilma put $10,000 towards the $35,000 bounty to knock out Brett Favre before the NFL title game.
  • Video evidence of Anthony Hargrove telling Bobby McCray to “Give me my money,” after Vitt had told them Favre was knocked out of the NFC title game in 2009.
  • The NFL has a power point presentation that Williams put together that has a picture of Duane “Dog” Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter, that said, “Now is the time to do our job … collect bounty $$$! No apologies! Let’s go hunting!”


  1. Shelly says

    Um, okay, listing what is the “evidence” isn’t the same as showing the evidence….

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