NFL decides to not fine Cary Williams for shoving an official

According to USA TODAY Sports, the NFL has decided not to fine Baltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams for shoving an official during last week’s Super Bowl.

What was even more shocking is that Williams wasn’t ejected from the game.

In an email to USA TODAY Sports on Saturday, AFC spokesman Corry Rush said the league did not fine Williams for pushing head linesman Steve Stelljes out of the way as he got up after being taken to the ground during a scrum with a few San Francisco 49ers players.

Rush didn’t specify why Williams escaped any penalties, but considering his contact was much more violent than when Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton bumped an official this season (an act that resulted in a $21,000 fine), it’s clear the league took intent into consideration.

“It was a situation where I didn’t see who the heck I pushed. Those guys kicked my helmet off, took my helmet off man, it’s just a part of the process. Whatever,” Williams said. “It’s a reaction. You see teammates out there getting hit late, guys pulling guys after the whistle. My helmet came off, I couldn’t barely see, and I just reacted. It is what it is.”



  1. KP2GMU says

    WTF??? Cary is seen in replays throwing punches at the 49ers player beneath him, which caused other 49ers players to pull him off (which is when Cary’s helmet came off). Cary then gives a major shove to an official. Good to know that this is now legal. Who says the NFL is not rigged or can be thrown? Rules no longer apply to the team the NFL picks to win the game. Cary should have been fined and suspended for several games next year just for his thuggery on the field. The NFL is now dead to me!

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