NFL could still suspend Ahmad Brooks

Even though the district attorney decided to not charge 49ers linebacker Ahamd Brooks felony assault after he hit teammate Lamar Divens in the head with a bottle three times and then punched him, it doesn’t mean the NFL won’t punish him.

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, the NFL is currently reviewing Brooks’ case.

Ahmad Brooks will not face criminal charges in relation to an altercation with teammate Lamar Divens on June 8, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will escape punishment altogether. The NFL today confirmed to The Bee that Brooks’ case will be reviewed under its conduct policy, which gives Commissioner Roger Goodell the authority to dispense discipline.

That policy, sharpened in 2007, holds NFL employees to a higher standard than used by the criminal justice system. It states that the absence of criminal charges or a conviction does not allow someone to avoid league discipline, which can include fines, suspension or banishment from the league. The policy takes into account previous offenses.

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