NFL banned red zone ads from “Slap Ya Mama”


According to the New Orleans Advocate,  the cajun food company “Slap Ya Mama” had it’s Saints’ red zone ads removed by the NFL due to domestic violence concerns.

Cox Sports Television has told the Cajun food products company Slap Ya Mama that its in-game red zone promotion seen recently during broadcasts of Saints preseason contests at St. Louis on Aug. 8 and against Tennessee on Aug. 15 will be canceled due to concerns over the group’s name, according to a news release from Slap Ya Mama on Saturday.

Furthermore, the NFL is prohibiting all virtual signage from remaining preseason games.

Slap Ya Mama’s communique said the company’s advertising representative — Walker & Sons Inc. — received an email from Cox Media Louisiana Director of Sales Marc Leunissen informing them that “in light of the domestic violence issues facing the NFL, (the league) instructed CST (to) pull the Slap Ya Mama logo from our enhancements in the last (preseason) game,” which is Thursday in New Orleans against Baltimore. Walker & Sons says it believes the NFL told Cox Media to do this Monday.

I understand why this happened, but it seems very dumb.

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