The New York Times has an animal lover write an article about Michael Vick, bad move

michael vickOn Saturday night, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick made it clear that he doesn’t want to be a back up next season and that he still believes he’s a starter.

New York Times writer Juliet Macur took it upon herself to bury Vick and urge any NFL team that would think about signing him this offseason to not do so.

Animal lovers everywhere can cheer Vick’s departure from this city. Especially those who have had to watch him play here since 2009, less than three months after he served time in a federal prison for his role in a dogfighting ring.

If the Eagles cut him loose this off-season, teams considering giving him a third chance in the N.F.L. should be required to look past his strong left arm, his nimble feet and his potentially cost-effective upside.

They should remember this: Vick was the mastermind behind his dogfighting operation. He bankrolled it, gave it a home base, encouraged it.

In the backyard of his Virginia home were mass graves of pit bulls that had fought for him or had been torn apart serving as bait dogs in practice sessions. The surviving dogs were found barely alive, beaten, starved, tortured and chained to concrete slabs.

What’s really funny is that Macur is clearly an animal lover.  All you have to do is read her Twitter bio (shown below) to figure that out.

juliet macur

Let me make this clear.  I understand that people are still upset with what Vick did.  I love animals myself and was sickened by what happened, but it’s silly to not forgive him and move on.  By not doing so you’re only giving him power over yourself.

To say that an NFL team shouldn’t employ Vick is also essentially saying that no one should hire him or anyone else that does harm to animals.  That completely defeats the purpose of the United States Correctional system.  The idea of prison is to help someone reflect on what they’ve done and  to change for the better.

Of course more times than not this doesn’t work since our justice system seems to be broken,  since unfortunately most ex-cons aren’t able to get a job out of prison like Vick and they end up back in jail because they are forced to subject themselves to going back to their old ways.

It’s sad that Macur couldn’t put her biased views to the side and let Vick move on with his life.  Instead she decided to take another jab at someone that’s served their time and has changed their life for the better.





  1. Dot says

    you are clearly an idiot. You obviously dont know the whole story. Aside from personally killing animals with his own hands, he bankrolled the whole thing – gave financial support, a location to breed and fight animals. That asshole was never tried for animal abuse or dog fighting – the system failed the animals on many levels with this case. DID you know that the (racially biased) local law didnt want to try the local idol, despite the evidence – so the feds stepped in and tried the case. Dirtbag was sent to prison on federal charges for conspiracy – NOT the actual crimes he committed: “he and a friend grabbed the paws of a little red dog and held it over their heads, like a jump rope, slamming the animal on the ground again and again until it was lifeless”

  2. Grimaldi says

    Obviously this person hates men, and athletes in particular. She delighted in penning a book about the fall of Lance Armstrong. I perused the book and it was a horrible hatchet job. She worships animals, and not human kindness and forgiveness. She writes numerous articles disparaging male athletes. She is the one that needs help. She’s a vile, hateful, and disgusting person.

  3. Anonymous says

    what kind of mammal is this person. would she write the same type of garbage about slave owners and their profitability on human life. dispose of yourself, bigot.

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