Ndamukong Suh wants to change his reputation

Ndamukong Suh’s career has been anything but boring. It seems like especially early in his career there was always a story to be written. It escalated with the infamous Evan Dietrich-Smith Thanksgiving fiasco and now Suh is trying to change the reputation he established early in his career.

“It’s obviously tainted me and given me a bad rep, and well-deserved in that instance, but I don’t think one moment in somebody’s life is going to define them,” Suh said. “I’ve vowed, not only to myself personally, but to my family and my teammates and coaches not to have that happen again and not have situations like that that’s going to hurt them or make them feel that they can’t be proud of me or want me as a teammate.”-ProFootballTalk.com

I commend Suh for making an attempt to turn things around but it is very hard to change a reputation in this day and age.