Ndamukong Suh tops the list of least liked NFL players

Forbes conducted a survey among NFL fans and they found that Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is the most least liked player.

When Suh came into the NFL a few years ago he was loved by everyone.  But things quickly went south after fans witnessed how dirty he is as a player.  No one will ever forget him stomping on a Packers’ playing last season.

The most liked player is Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

Everyone loves Polamalu, he’s soft spoken, has great hair and is a fierce competitor.

Check out the list below. (Percentages are each player’s appeal to NFL fans)

Most liked players:

  1. Troy Polamalu 63%
  2. Drew Brees 62%
  3. Charles Woodson 62%
  4. Peyton Manning 59%
  5. Aaron Rodgers 58%
  6. Rob Gronkowski 58%
  7. Robert Griffin III 57%
  8. Brian Urlacher 57%
  9. Donald Driver 57%
  10. Mathew Stafford 56%

Least liked players:

  1. Ndamukong Suh 19%
  2. Jay Cutler 21%
  3. Michael Vick 23%
  4. Randy Moss 24%
  5. Matt Leinart 26%
  6. Tony Romo 27%
  7. Kyle Orton 27%
  8. Santonio Holmes 28%
  9. Mark Sanchez 31%
  10. Brady Quinn 31%


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