Ndamukong Suh receives another traffic ticket

According to FOX 2 in Detroit, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was ticketd by police for failure to use due care and caution.

Sources said the officer spotted a black Land Rover driving north on Southfield Road at a high rate of speed passing several cars on the right.  Just as the lane was about to end near Eleven Mile, the driver cut over barely missing the car behind him.

The officer cited Suh, but nearly two weeks later his case still hasn’t made its way to court.

“The charges that were issued on the ticket, we’re looking to make sure the charges fit,” said Lathrup Village Police Chief William Armstrong.

The officer thought they did, but the chief is not so sure.  He’s reviewing the dash cam video and claimed the officer that pulled Suh over can be aggressive when it comes to writing tickets.

“Quite frankly, the way that the ticket was written I don’t necessarily agree with, but if the city attorney agrees, it would go forward as it’s written.”

With all of the traffic issues Suh has had in the past, he either can’t drive or he’s an idiot. This is a prime example of how imature he is as a person and it shows on the football field as well.


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