NaVorro Bowman almost left last night’s press conference after being interrupted by Ray Lewis’ yelling

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman wasn’t happy last night after losing to the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII and having to listen to Ray Lewis yell ” We did it, we did it” while he was trying to conduct a press conference.

“You all might as well interview them, man,” Bowman said. “They won. Can’t do no interview with this noise.”

Bowman then got up to leave but eventually sat down again and answered questions about how frustrated he was. It was a classy move for Bowman to continue. Comcast Sportsnet captured the entire incident.

Not sure how Bowman can be mad at a guy yelling with happiness after winning the Super Bowl.  Bowman would have done the same thing.



  1. Anonymous says

    Sorry beg to disagree, Bowman has more class in his little finger, than R.Lewis has in his pea brain!

  2. Anonymous says

    Bowman is a class act n he will get his n due time. you all act so rediculous about this stuff…Both teams played well n my hats off to the Ravens!!….Perhaps n future Superbows Goodell will ALLOW the refs to make proper calls that allows the BEST team to SHINE!!

  3. Anonymous says

    It was wrong of Lewis to taunt any of the 49rs. And how can you say Bowman would have done the same thing? All Lewis accomplished was showing a lack of class.

  4. Anonymous says

    get a grip thug lovers..if the right plays are called inside the 10 at the end of the game the thug and Hail mary flaco would be crying..elite GB?? Hail mary flaco? be real..everyone once in awhile teams have luck on their side and this was the ravens year..

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